First Quilt Of 2019

This quick finish top was re-discovered during my end of year cleaning as part of the Final Countdown.  It was an inherited UFO that I hadn’t really looked at before.

On examination, it proved to be nearly all of a large throw/twin quilt.  And not nearly as awful as the giver led me to believe.

Daughter and I laid out the blocks and I spent a little time on assembly.

Ta-dah!  A finished top.  It isn’t quite my usual style, but I think it will make a fine donation quilt.

I even found a back to match in the stash.

Quilting time scheduled near the end of the month.  And it will be a finish.

11 thoughts on “First Quilt Of 2019

  1. I use to , I have the backing fabric your using, in fact, I have the quilt I used it in. It’s a small quilting world. Diane

  2. Oh, I like the top a lot! It would make a good leader-ender to work on, too, and use up scraps. What a joy to finish something so happy, and so soon!

  3. What a great finish for so early in 2019!! I think it’s lovely and am surprised that someone didn’t like it enough to cast it off. I’m so glad you were able to finish it as the final recipient will certainly enjoy it very much. It looks so happy! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. It’s a lovely donation quilt! It’s always nice to bring old projects out of the shadows (and bags, and boxes, and drawers and closets).

  5. I love it! It looks like reversed stained glass with a white border instead of black. The owner of the finished product will be one lucky recipient!

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