16 thoughts on “An Honest Moment

  1. I totally relate. My sewing space only looks good… well, it did look straight on Thanksgiving day bc we had the feast here.
    Now, it looks like your 2 photo all the time 24/7 365
    Happy New Year

    1. I have that same green squirt bottle. I got one of those handy 3-M squirt bottle hangers and have it on the side of my sewing table. After a while I actually am in the habit of putting it back!!

  2. I just found out a friend that I met on-line and then in person has a wonderful sewing space and sews neatly. I seem to have missed that gene. When I’m working away, I am a mess. I normally get it back together, but….

  3. MUCH more comfortable! It says, “Work going on here!” Honestly, if it’s clear enough to work, it’s clear enough. I’ve gone way past that, so need to organize a bit, but not get obsessive or try to keep it organized. =)

  4. I am a firm believer creativity grows from enthusiasm exploding on the work table. Thank goodness neatness doesn’t count except in our actual work. Keep on exploding!

  5. Deanna! I can totally relate…to the power surge! Neat creativity just isnt for us! Keep up the great work…I really enjoy reading your blog and being inspired by you!
    –Erik in Ohio

  6. Love it. I walked out of my sewing room last night and thought I’ve got to clean this up. Each area has a different project mess. I’m like a rabbit hopping around from project to project but I’m never bored!

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