House Quilt Finish

The house quilt is only waiting on a finished house.

The bright doors make me happy.  And the scrappy binding to match.

I hope it will bring joy to the family of Number One Son when the time comes.


And this is my first finish of 2019.  Seems appropriate.

ps–Based on Third Street Neighborhood pattern, if you want to give one a try yourself.  If black and white isn’t your thing, I really think it would be good in any colors–cream and brown with bright blue doors, for example…

12 thoughts on “House Quilt Finish

  1. Love how it turned out! Really tempting to get the pattern to have in hand when I need a wedding or house-warming gift.

  2. When I first heard black and white, I really wasn’t so sure. And I have never been such a big fan on the houses, but with that said it is striking! I love the progression of dark to light on the back ground, and light to dark on houses, and the bright colors on the doors and binding pulls it together and makes it pop. I am sure that it will get many years of happy use! You sold me on the pattern, and definitely the quilt. Did you end up getting a layer cake to get so many different black and whites?

  3. Good Morning! What a fabulous first finish. I adore your color palate with the fun pops of colors. That black and white wavy fabric you show in one photo is SO cool. And the binding is fun, too – really pulls out the colors and the bottom green strip resembles grass. LOVE this. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh, yes, I’ll be giving it a try, maybe after Suburbs, or maybe I’ll be modifying Suburbs. I’m not sure, but a house quilt or two definitely figures in my future, in the fall.

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