Friend Quilt Finish

When my friend brought me a bag of pieces she called “scraps,” she was done with this quilt. She was convinced it was ugly and never wanted to see it again.


But, after it was assembled and quilted, I didn’t agree. And I didn’t think she would still feel the same way.

So, I took it “home”–back to her house.


She was stunned.

We’ve all been there–tired, discouraged and unhappy because the quilt doesn’t look like we imagined. Sometimes, though, after some time away from it, we can get perspective and see that, while it isn’t what we imagined, it isn’t bad.


I hope this quilt will bring her happiness, once she gets used to the idea that she really made a perfectly good quilt.

15 thoughts on “Friend Quilt Finish

  1. I’m so pleased she has seen it in the finished form. Sometimes you need to stick to it even if you feel early on that it isn’t right, because the results end up super surprises! A lack of confidence can really put a damper on ideas – especially for those who haven’t made that many quilts. Done that myself. Did a mystery quilt, went away from the colour arrangement and made my own, thought I’ve done something stupid here, but then as you add more blocks it all takes shape and I breathed a sigh of relief!

  2. Hi Deanna! What a fabulous post. Yes, we all have had a piece that we just don’t like for a variety of reasons. I hope she can see how lovely this quilt is, and enjoy the different fabrics from other fun projects. What a good friend you are! ~smile~ Roseanne

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