Show And Tell

It is so inspiring to see your creations using WeddingDressBlue patterns and tutorials.  Thank you for sharing them with me:

Nina in Sweden made this smaller size Growing Up Odd quilt. She says, “This quilt is sized for a baby and will be given to a shelter in one of the slum areas in Rio, Brazil that focus on young pregnant girls that have no home, giving them education in purpose of them standing on own feet with their child/children. They are sent there by a Swedish born priest that is connected to this shelter and visit Sweden regularly and takes quilts our local Guild makes. Our Guild makes 10-15 quilts a year to every newborn baby.”  What an honor!  I am glad to help support such a cause in my small way.

Growing up odd no 1 made by bettybus

Bonnie made TWO Irish Stars quilts–Baby Stars and Violet Stars.

Liz added some sashing to her version of Flight Path.


SewYummy made these delightful versions of Hundred Hugs and Cross My Heart.

AND, she made a Calico Rose, which was quilted mostly by her husband.  Good man!


And Mel has been making all sort of things–love her Irish Stars variations.

Nikki made a Film at Five which will be donated to a service person in the local VA Hospital.

IMG_3526I just LOVE show and tell time.  Thanks to all who share and all who visit.  I never imagined when I started sharing my quilting that so many friends would join me.

4 thoughts on “Show And Tell

  1. I love scrappy quilts. When I am “between things” I play in my boxes of 2″ squares. Sometimes I just sit and sew 4 patches or make 9 patches, random colors. I have quite a bag full of them made. So many great ways to use those little bits!! I love them all, but have a favorite in the Growing up Odd pattern.

  2. How do i send a picture to you of a quilt I made using one of your patterns? I made Twinkle Baby last year, but couldn’t figure out how to send the photo. Thanks.

  3. You make great patterns! Of course we join you! =) I love seeing all those quilts and comparing what mine look like, and seeing how they are the same or different. They are all wonderful!

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