Three Projects Pulled

During my break I have been tidying up the sewing space.  As I reviewed and sorted, three projects threw themselves in front of me and practically begged to be quilts.


Who am I to refuse?


So, I have three piles of mostly pre-cut scraps that are going to be quilts.  I even have backs for two of them already chosen:  One Hundred Hugs baby quilt, and two from a new pattern I was fortunate to win from Prairie Moon Quilts called Charleston Pavement.  Take a look!  Hundred Hugs is in the TUTORIALS tab above, and you can get your own Charleston Pavement HERE as PRINT or PDF.

So many ideas, so little time!


6 thoughts on “Three Projects Pulled

  1. Strange how fabric sneaks into view & your mind starts getting inspired to do something with them, in the near futures. I’ve been trying to Konmari my stash. Thus far I’ve completed 1/3 of my Christmas fabric into lovely 6″ wide rolls, made enough to make the 1st row across their assigned drawer. A row of solid greens, row of solid reds, and a row of prints. The 3 filled up the front of the drawer from side to side., Still have more to do, sitting right here on the end of the table to keep in sight & in mind. So much more to do, but I don’t regret the small beginning. Heard a cool saying. No one starts at the top, except those digging a hole. lol so true!

  2. Hundred hugs is always good, and I do like the Charleston Pavements. Good things to come from your scraps!

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