Donation Quilt Finished

My annual Children’s Hospital donation quilt is complete.


THIS TUTORIAL was a good starting point.  I added more to make it a nice throw size.












This was, I think, my third attempt at freemotion quilting.  Some parts of it are better than others, but one must start somewhere.


The front and the back go together well and the back gave inspiration for the quilting motifs.


It will be part of the Festival of Trees fundraiser during the holidays.

14 thoughts on “Donation Quilt Finished

  1. This turned out fabulous! I love the idea of all the bright colors, and being able to use up scraps of solids. And you are braver than me, I have yet to try my free motion quilting, I started to on a charity quilt this past weekend and chickened out – I will get there!

  2. Well done! And I like the quilting design you chose. I haven’t done much FMQ — still seem to fall back on using my walking foot. I need to practice on a much more regular basis!

  3. Thank you for sharing where you got the pattern. Love the diamonds in the border. What a fun quilt. Your quilting looks good and will only get better with practice.

  4. It’s a wonderful pattern and colors. The quilting seems well done to me. No one is going to notice a bobble here and there, if there are any. Bless your generosity! Good to be finished way ahead of time. =)

  5. I thought this was stunning unfinished a few days ago! But when you added that backing and the quilting, it became quilter eye candy, big time! I love this and it is even more stunning than before! Bucket list add!

  6. I may have said before that I like this one; if not, I’ll say it now. (And a repeat never hurt anyone. LOL) Quilting looks good in the photo. I agree, though. Most recipients do not demand perfection.

  7. you get in the zone eventually… with free motion… I really love the second day when I am on my domestic.. and I treat it like a glorious doodle… thanks for your posts. I have learned a lot just reading your blogs… I live in Maine, and in-between quilting I garden. We are having the coldest oddest weather. Got up to 47 degrees in mid June.

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