A Sparkle Jane Project

Daughter, known as Sparkle Jane, is also having a productive sewing summer.


This is a project she started and put away a few years ago.  As sometimes happens, it was time to get it out and make a decision.  The funny thing is that both of us thought of it as a dark, slightly depressing, quilt.  It isn’t!  She was able to quickly finish and assemble the top.


Next step is finding the perfect backing fabric.

8 thoughts on “A Sparkle Jane Project

  1. Beautiful — and definitely not dark! The white sashing & colored cornerstones are a perfect addition. Well done!!

  2. Piqued my interest in the block size & over all size. Is this a doll quilt, or a people quilt? Either way, that’s a lot of intense work. Kudos to Sparkle Jane. I can fully appreciate her need to take a break from it for a while. Made me tired just looking at the details in it. So glad she came back to it & finished it with fresh eyes. Perseverance pays off everytime. Great work, Way to Go Jane.

  3. It’s beautiful. One thing I like about it is no matter what color I focus on, it’s scattered all over the quilt, and no one color takes over.

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