Can This Quilt Be Saved?

In a recent hand-me-down quilting box was a ziplock bag with this partial lone star quilt in it.  I am fairly sure it was started at least 20 years ago and most of the work was hand piecing.


However, over the years some of the pieces were lost,  or at least they weren’t found in this bag.


And, the top had numerous stains.  Yikes!  Can this quilt be saved?


While I wouldn’t generally recommend it, I washed the assembled section.  Carefully stain treated.  By hand.  Air dry.  Much pressing. There were still a few stains, but I could replace those pieces.


It seemed to want a sort of modern-Amish (there’s a contradiction in terms) treatment.


But, I went too far and that bottom strip had to come off. It felt awkward somehow.


So, this is where we are.  It is currently about 63″ x 81″.  Finished? Saved?

31 thoughts on “Can This Quilt Be Saved?

  1. Perfect! Whoever started this had good intentions of finishing. You have taken your quilty super powers and finished it! That star is finished, but cleverly will always be half done! Very nice save!

  2. Stunning!! Your creativity is amazing! The addition of the zig/zag on the side is perfect. Makes me think of a lightening bolt. Such a great save. Thanks for sharing your creative process.

  3. LOVE the new modern look for this quilt! The black background really makes the colors pop. You must be a “quilt whisperer” – you knew just what those pieces needed!

  4. I think that’s a GREAT save! And the zig-zag border is a wonderful addition. You definitely made it modern-Amish.

  5. I really like how you made it “shine.” I have a similar partial star from a hand me down, so this inspires me to complete mine as well. It’s a shame that so much handwork was put into it and never finished. Wouldn’t you like to know the rest of the story.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Total save!!! I was hoping you would do something with the 1/2 star without finishing it!! Personally, I love asymmetrical quilts like this…much more interesting to look at!!

  7. WOWEE! This is fabulous just as it is – do not go any further. It may not be what the original artist envisioned but it is SWEET. Love it! I’m so very glad you saved it, gave it a life outside the box (figuratively and literally), and someone will really cherish it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. yes, to both! great job- and l love the modern look! i’d recommend black binding, and switch to red at the star- starting and stopping with the red just in the star. that will help finish the design, without detracting from it. can’t wait to see it done!

  9. With the right counselor, it could be saved, and that’s YOU. This is wonderful, and I’d say finished. That’s got to be considered modern traditional, I think. I love it on the black. It would not be given away in my house, but go on a twin bed. =)

  10. A great save! That’s something like I thought when I saw the first picture. But love the one strip at the top.

  11. What a wonderful job you did in saving this partially made quilt. I love the modern look you have given to it and it is a great size. It is like history has been remade.

  12. I have made a few of these. I call them Peek-a-boo stars. In my case, it’s a short attention span project, with lots of room for creative free motion quilting. I like to quilt the empty space with stars and moons.
    Yours looks great! I think the next time I make a peek-a-boo star quilt I’ll set it in black. I love the way yours turned out!
    I can envision appliqueing a few smaller stars in the black negative space.
    Beautiful work! I can’t wait to see how you quilt it!

  13. This is fabulous. I love it when we can bring projects out of the closets and cedar chests and ziplock bags. Thank you for sharing. The black background is stunning.

  14. Thank you for saving it.
    it is so important to treasure work by quilters who may no longer be with us.
    I’m sure this quilter is smiling about what you have accomplsihed with her quilt.

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