That Is More Than I Expected

As I am preparing the Irish Stars top for quilting, I decided to add a new step to preparation:  use a lint roller on the back to remove the little bits that are so very common when using little pieces.


Wow!  That is more than I expected.  Hm…maybe I should do this more often.

8 thoughts on “That Is More Than I Expected

  1. Ahhh yes – I’ve used one for a while, cleans up the design wall (or blackout curtain in my case) and the ironing board. Super for stray threads on the back too. I think I originally bought it to clean the threads off my own clothes!

  2. I tried that once with the same result and decided it wasn’t worth the effort. LOL. Wouldn’t putting the top in the dryer on “no heat” get most of that off?

  3. I have had to start using these too. Not only for stray threads, but the copious amounts of black hair that my Bernese Mountain dog sheds. Even if he’s not in the room, the hairs somehow seem attracted to my quilts.

  4. It is a definite staple in the sewing room, the quilting room, the upstairs living area (I tend to carry strings with me) and my car! Grateful when Costco has them on sale!

  5. Very important step if you quilt by check. If the piece is received by the quilter in need of “grooming”, that can and should incur an extra charge. I was shocked the first time I “groomed”.

  6. these rollers are wonderful.
    I use mine to pick up thread in my terry cloth covered ironing board (I change the cover often bc I am OCD)
    I like this idea of doing the back of quilts. Well done

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