Last Hurrah Of Summer

In a burst of celebratory energy after finishing the Irish Stars Quilt, I opened the 2-1/2″ squares box and threw this together.


It is fun to play with color.


Finished size is 48″ x 70″.  Just a happy throw.


With bicycles.


Class starts today (8/19).  I am ready!  What a great summer it has been!  Thank you for sharing it with me.

12 thoughts on “Last Hurrah Of Summer

  1. Baaaack to school. I hope you have a good year. Do you teach?
    This quilt and the backing, is really well done!!! You are very good at throwing.

  2. Terrific! Do you plan ahead, or just sew like mad and then figure out how to arrange them based on how many of each color you have?

  3. Very pretty. Did you use a design board or graft paper? How do you create the color placement? Cindy Nelson.

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  4. I did think of him too!

    ~ 🏳️‍🌈 RRIS 🏳️‍🌈 ~

    “Service is the rent that you pay for room on this earth” – Shirley Chisholm.


  5. Wow! You have the patience of Job! Anyone undertaking a stamp quilt piece by piece vs. using strips and working to “rainbow” them into a quilt gets my respect.
    And on top of that, you teach kids! Have a wonderful school year!

  6. Such a simple idea & so effective. Beauty exists in the simplest of designs. Great job Deanna. You keep knocking it out of the park, everytime.

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