Roundabout Baby COMPLETE

This little top has waited more than a year to be finished.  But, at least it is.  I am not sure I love the binding…feels a little light, even though the colors match.


More information on the process and pattern can be found here:


Yes, it is quite bright, but babies don’t like to be bored.  Having something bright and interesting helps their brain development.


At least that is my excuse for making quilts that “don’t require a night light,” as Husband puts it.

5 thoughts on “Roundabout Baby COMPLETE

  1. Good morning! I think this baby quilt is just adorable. I love all the different colored fabrics especially the dotted ones. I can just imagine a sweet small one looking and looking at all those fabulous colors. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. You were commenting on the bright colors that keep children from being board and brain development. I teach child development and as with all things, a balance is needed. Bright does get their attention but for some children, the bright colors can be over stimulating. So, in the end, bless little ones with a quilt as you wish and maybe more calm on one side and fun brights on the other. The back of this quilt would be just as interesting to a young one as the front.

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