Final Countdown Task Three: Make Some Quilting Plans For 2020

YAY!  I love planning.  Making lists makes me happy.  Thank you, Shelly, for this task.

Right now there are three quilts waiting to be quilted:

  1. Charleston Pavement
  2. Baby Mountains
  3. Mini Christmas

There are two quilts in process:

  1.  Star Kissed (formerly known as Tiny)
  2.  Safe Haven

There are several quilts planned:

  1. Wedding Quilt (friend Nicole)
  2.  2″ squares quilt (blocks and bars)
  3. Festival quilt (donation)
  4. Solids Quilt (Moda?)
  5. Christmas Quilt–Tiny Trees?

Sparkle Jane also has plans, but we’ll let her reveal those as she goes along, but these two are in process:

  1. Campout
  2. Trees

It isn’t a long list right now, but things generally come along.  Here’s to 2020!

5 thoughts on “Final Countdown Task Three: Make Some Quilting Plans For 2020

  1. At least it’s a very realistic lists, unlike most of the lists I make! And yes, things always come along. I’ll be watching what you get done this year — it’s always inspiring.

  2. It is exciting to get ready along with others for a more efficient sewing/quilting area where time won’t be taken to get started! My problem is often I expected way more of myself than I can possibly do in the time frame I give myself. Either my sewing has slowed down or my expectations have grown to the ridiculous! Love knowing I’m not alone is this fantasy.
    Happy New Year to everyone!

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