Sparkle Jane To The (Quilt) Rescue

The original quilter tried, she really did.  The pattern is interesting, the fabric is high quality, the colors are beautiful.  But, she struggled with the piecing and assembly and eventually gave up.

Sparkle Jane saw potential. She fixed what she could of the piecing, while honoring the effort of the original maker. And assembled the top.



There was plenty of fabric, so she added a triple border–a narrow inner border, a lovely piano key center, and a wider outer border.



Extra fabric was used to make more “piano key” style pieces to stretch the back.

I am certain the original maker would be pleased with the results.  YAY for the quilt rescuer!

8 thoughts on “Sparkle Jane To The (Quilt) Rescue

  1. She did a *wonderful* job! It is amazing to see her quilts. She started SO young, and has worked so hard to learn to do things the best way. What a job it must be to have your daughter as a quilting partner. =)

  2. Great job Sparkle Jane. This probably was a kit or a class someone took and there was not enough good instruction, or there was a lack of experience for the person making it! Just shows that you can make a “Silk purse out of a sow’s ear”! I have no idea where we got that saying!!!!

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