National Quilting Day 2020

Quilting is both a social and a solitary hobby.  I am mostly a solitary quilter who socializes primarily through this blog.

But, for those of you who socialize more in person, while stores and guilds and shows and stitching groups might be closed, the sewing machine is definitely open.  And this is a great day to celebrate the obsession hobby we share.

I hope to have a few hours of piecing time today in between cleaning and serving others in my home and neighborhood.

Soon I will share what is accomplished.  I have been working on a leader-ender in the background that is now the primary project.  A wedding quilt for a friend.  And a mini-tutorial.

Ready!  Set!  GO!

5 thoughts on “National Quilting Day 2020

  1. I never realised it was National Quilting day! Happy sewing! I’ve just finished 125 x sixteen patches and the crosses for the crossroads have been started! Really enjoying it, although felt a little guilty as the veg patch needs attending and it was sunny. Bitterly cold – back indoors at the double!
    Hope everyone and their families stay safe. My son has been exposed by a child at his school, so currently in isolation. I think he’ll be fine. I hope he’ll be fine at any rate!
    Best wishes

  2. I hope you got your few hours! Or will get. I cleaned a bunch of stuff up in the living room to celebrate, and now I’m going to sew!

  3. hi, I got some sewing in on Saturday. I watched some of the lovely sites from the International Quilt museum site.

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