Star Kissed Quiltalong: Square In A Square Centers

If you are new to the Star Kissed Quiltalong, welcome!

No, you are not late.  Today is the perfect day for a new idea. You can find all you might want to know about the quiltalong HERE, or you can link from the button to the right or the menu above.

When you have some of those 25-patch centers sewn up, it will be time to add them to a “square-in-a-square”, or “economy block” setting.

For EACH block you plan to finish, you need TWO squares of background fabric.

If using 1-1/4″ base squares, TWO squares 3-1/2″ each.

If using 1-1/2″ base squares, TWO squares 4-1/2″ each.

If using 2″ base squares, TWO squares 6-1/4″ each.

If using 2-1/2″ base squares, TWO squares 8″ each.

The steps for all four sizes are the same.

  1. Determine the size and number of your background squares (above) and cut.  Then cut on the diagonal.

2. Mark the center of one side of your 25-patch center.  I like to fold and finger press.

3. Mark the center of the long side of the triangles you created out of the background fabric.  Again, I like to finger press.  Line up the two marks.  Pin.  (NOTE:  I am not a big pinner, but this is one of the times where it really does make a difference.  Just try it.)

4. Stitch.  You might have to line up very carefully.  Do not stretch the bias of the triangle.  Do make sure your patch center is ironed nice and flat. When it is just right, the needle should make contact with the fabric about 1/4″  away from the point where the background square and patch pieces touch.  It is not easy to explain and even harder to get a good picture of, but give it a go. You can see it better in the picture below where the corners have been trimmed off.


5.  Do the opposite side.  Press open.  Trim off the corners that hang out.

6. Now do the same for the other two sides.  Then press open and trim.

7. You may need to trim your block to size.  NOTE:  DO NOT trim so there is less than 1/4″ between the edge of your block and where the background fabric meets the corner of the patch section.  VERY LITTLE should need to be trimmed, if any.  Your center piece should now measure…

If using 1-1/4″ base squares, 5-5/8″.

If using 1-1/2″ base squares, 7-1/2″

If using 2″ base squares, 11″

If using 2-1/2″ base squares, 14-1/2″

8. Repeat steps 1-8 as many times as necessary for the quilt you have planned.

In a few weeks I will add how to create the corner pieces.

Let me know how it is going, and feel free to ask questions.  I look forward to hearing and seeing your progress.

5 thoughts on “Star Kissed Quiltalong: Square In A Square Centers

  1. Thank you so much. I really love these stars. I have been sewing my squares together as leaders and enders while I finish up another project. It is a good way to get things accomplished. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for pre-measuring the math. =) I’m correcting to 25-patch centers slowly, because I’m hardly having any quilting time this week. And I lost my corner 4-patches somewhere in the quilt room!

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