TUTORIAL: Sticks And Bricks Quilt

In a previous post I referred to this pattern as “Sticks and Stones,” but “Sticks and Bricks” seemed more fitting.

So, here is a mini tutorial for Sticks and Bricks.



82-1/2″ x 82-1/2″

(but size is highly flexible–FINISHED block size 7-1/2″)


A big pile of background fabric scraps, OR yardage–about 6 yards total

A big pile of colored fabric scraps


from the background fabric cut a total of…

180 2″x8″ rectangles

732 2″x2″ squares

from the colored scraps cut a total of…

120 2″x8″ rectangles

793 2″x2″ squares


There are two types of blocks–Sticks and Bricks, naturally.

To build a Sticks block, alternate background and colored rectangles–three background and two colored.    Stitch.  The block should be 8″ UNFINISHED. Make 60 Sticks blocks.


To build a Bricks block, build a 25 patch with the colored squares in the corners, using 13 colored squares and 12 background squares.  The blocks should be 8″ UNFINISHED. Make 61 Bricks blocks in all.


Using your 121 blocks, lay out in an 11×11 pattern, with the Bricks in the corners.  Assemble into rows and then into an entire top (Isn’t it easy to write and tiring to do?! About this stage in quilt construction I consider that those who say quilting is a sedentary hobby haven’t quilted very much).


Ta-dah!  A Sticks and Bricks top.

This pattern is forgiving and easy to change in size.  If you want a true queen/king, consider building a 13×13 grid–169 blocks in all.  That will measure 98″ square.  I prefer odd numbers of blocks on this type of quilt as it keeps the outer corners consistent, but that is just a personal preference.

I hope to have a fully finished quilt to show you soon, but my quilting machine is unavailable for a while due to the pandemic. And that is OK.  I have plenty of fabric to see me through.


your beautiful creations here…


13 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: Sticks And Bricks Quilt

  1. A great quilt Thank you! Now I have another quilt to make. This will work well as a leader/ender project I think… I just need to find another bin in which to place the fabrics… I’ll start with the bricks. I don’t think I’ll cut up everything at once…lots of cutting.

  2. I will have to make one of these after I finish Star Kissed. I do have a lot of scrappy 25-patches, but in each one all the squares are the same color. I will think about whether or not that makes a pretty quilt, too.

  3. I like all of your quilts in their scrappy loveliness but I believe this is my favorite.
    It’s just beautiful!
    I’ve started pulling my colorful scraps, can’t wait to get started…hugs to you for all your pattern and tutorials.

  4. I have a question for you about this gorgeous quilt…did you use one white background fabric, or are they scrappy whites? I have a lot of white on white scraps, I’m thinking I should use them up. But…the same background fabric seems to lend cohesiveness to a wildly scrappy quilt too! Hmmm.

    1. Please disregard previous post. I looked at your pictures more closely and now see that you did use scrappy whites.

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