Never Have I Ever

Do you know the game “Never Have I Ever”?  You go around the circle saying commonly done things you have NEVER done.  Then see who else hasn’t done those things.

(I only just found out it is some kind of drinking game, and I don’t drink. But, I digress.)

Yesterday morning I could have said, “Never have I ever purchased a sewing machine.”

How many also raised their hands?

Today, I can no longer say that.

Although, I guess that depends on what you classify as a sewing machine…


What I bought was a serger.

Does that count?


8 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever

  1. You will love it if you sew anything knits…..I do and does it ever save time…
    Now changing the thread is another story; I usually tie the old thread to the new thread and run it through all the connections, but “Sometimes” it takes more than prayer and pleasant thoughts to get to work. My machine is about 25 years old so I hope yours will thread automatically. My works perfectly when it’s threaded which is what I pray for when I change colours… But it is worth it!

  2. I would say it absolutely counts. It has a needle . . . I just LOVE the title of this post, too. Congrats on your new acquisition! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It sews, it counts. The feature where it trims as you go comes in handy for a lot of crafty sewing … and probably quilting, too. I’ve made one thing on a serger at Homemaking meeting decades ago, and it was really easy and fun. Congratulations!

  4. Never have I ever been in anyway comfortable with sergers. One mistake and…whoosh… that’s the end of that project, let’s start again.

  5. LOL. I always wanted an overlocker/serger and recently found a FANTASTIC deal on Amazon for a 5-thread Singer overlocker. I absolutely LOVE it!!!
    I’ve discovered that the wider stitch is similar to a scant 1/4″ seam and have happily been piecing together blocks.

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