It was time to start a new leader-ender project.  It has become such a habit to have fabric under the needle constantly that I feel a little lost without one.

I wanted to use up more of the small background scraps that were threatening to take over, so I have started to sort them and cut them small:  1-1/2″ squares.

That is a size I also precut as colored scraps after I clean up after projects, so there were enough in the bin to get started.


I am no sure where this will go in the end, but I am happy with the start.  So far there are about 40 16-patch block finishing at 4-1/2″ square…

For more information on the whys and hows of leader-enders, go HERE.

4 thoughts on “Leader-Ender

  1. I’m sure you’ll come up with something wonderful, and even if you set them all next to each other, it would make a wonderful overall squares quilt. When my scraps are that small, I don’t trim them, I just sew them together higgledy-piggledy. As leader enders. LOL

  2. I have been tossing hsts cut off from projects. I think I might have a million of them now. I just need to sort by size. Some are super tiny and would make a cute …. something, a bag or tiny quilt. I like your leader ender colors and nice patches, Deanna

  3. No doubt you’ll have it figured out “Lickety Split”, you always do. We all have the utmost faith in your determination to keep on keeping on with sewing projects. lol

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