There Is (About To Be) A New Kid In Town

A neighbor is adopting!  YAY!  Babies deserve homes where they are wanted and can be cared for.

The new mother came and asked me if I could help her with some preparation by making some warming rice bags and some burp cloths.  She provided the fabric.

The rice bags were inspired by THIS tutorial.  And the burp cloths by THIS one.

And I threw in a quilt I had on hand.

YAY for babies.


4 thoughts on “There Is (About To Be) A New Kid In Town

  1. YAY for babies! I wonder what the rice bags are for? I use them myself whenever I have a stiff neck or pulled muscle but have never heard them used for babies. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. The quilt is the perfect happy accompaniment for these wonderful things. I notice your neighbor knew right where to go for the help she needed! =)

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