A local headstart preschool posted a listing on that they needed capes sewn for the two-year olds.

Capes for two-year-olds?  Count me in.


Using the donated fabric (nice, high quality stuff, by the way) I created 32 capes, mostly based on THIS TUTORIAL.


I LOVE my new serger.  It made this so easy.


I can see all the children running around looking like super-heroes (or butterflies, which is what I REALLY think they will look like).

It feels good to serve.

4 thoughts on “Capes

  1. Good morning! How nice of you!!! {{Hugs}} I have a great-nephew who is two and will be starting pre-school (hopefully) in September when he turns three. I can just see him running around with a cape and his younger sister, too. I just might need to make a few of these myself. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. How cute! Since that site became active, it has provided SO many great opportunities and filled so many needs. I think it’s great that you found this there.

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