I Made Something

While quilting is my dearest love in the crafting world, it did occur to me that perhaps things had become a bit…stale.

So, I decided to try something different.


This book came from the local library and is full of fun ideas.


Like this!


A fully lined and insulated lunch bag.  WITH a zipper.


It has some issues, but I am pretty sure lunch will still taste good.  And I enjoyed the process of just trying something.  Worth the process.

ps–Will return to regularly scheduled “programming” soon.  But, look for a few different things in the near future.  Different is good.

8 thoughts on “I Made Something

  1. Love your lunch bag! You did an outstanding job. As for your quilting, I have made your 100 Patch quilt in king size four times. It is my favorite leaders and enders pattern. Thanks a zillion for that pattern!

  2. this is very snazzy. I like that the zipper goes all the way around. Either way, I agree, this bag will be very handy for carrying snacks and lunch. Well done Deanna. It is always good to “branch out” and practice all the skills we are really good at but rarely use ( 🙂 )

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