Baby Mountains Complete

This quilt started as test blocks for an idea to make a quilt for one of my grandsons, age  4 at the time.

It was quickly determined that I didn’t want to make more than 300 fiddly blocks for a child’s quilt.  He should be able to build a fort, or wrap a cat, or race around with a long cape…you know, child things.

But I did have cute blocks.  A few more were added and it turned into this baby quilt, which has been languishing for about a year waiting for quilting and binding.

Now it is done and put into the to-be-gifted pile waiting for the perfect baby to come along.

7 thoughts on “Baby Mountains Complete

  1. Wow! This is fabulous! I’ve been casting about for an idea for my next baby quilt, and I think this is it! Your blog always provides me with so much inspiration!

  2. Wow, Deanna, this quilt is stunning, I mean the blocks are wowow so bright and yes, a treasure for little fingers to follow the mountains. I love it

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