Patriotic Rescue

As part of Daughter’s charitable sewing group, we have made up some “kits” of scraps and orphan blocks and labeled them “Adoptable Quilts.”

Here is one I recently finished.

The scraps came from at least three different sources, but they were able to come together and make something that someone will be glad to wrap up in.

It is a little smaller than I might have liked, about 55″ x 65″, but at least it isn’t a pile of unwanted pieces, and it felt “done” when I got to this point.

12 thoughts on “Patriotic Rescue

  1. What a great use of “leftovers”! And it can be easily resized or recolored to fit other needs. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Beautiful finish. Someone will cheerfully adopt this orphan. I have found that many of the rehab centers, and adult facilities like the quilts a little smaller than lap or twin so patrons and patients can use them in their wheel chairs.

  3. It is beautiful, and there are both short people and, if it goes to soldiers, ones who are in wheel chairs, so a smaller quilt is still perfect!

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