Welcome Home #2

This past weekend did not go as planned. A Saturday morning visit to a walk in clinic with Husband turned into a trip to the emergency room turned into a nearly three day hospital stay.

We are home now, and he is on the mend, but, WOW, that wasn’t what I had planned.

Once I could leave the hospital to get some supplies, I grabbed a quilt.

Stitching down binding is a great way to pass the time. And quite a conversation starter.

And it is finished. Welcome Home to a future owner. And welcome home to Husband.

14 thoughts on “Welcome Home #2

  1. Sorry to hear about Husband’s illness; glad he’s home and on-the-mend! This quilt is so cheerful – it will definitely be a Welcome Home to someone.

  2. Hope your hubby recovers well, always nice to have another quilt completed! The quilt is lovely and the new owner will love it.

  3. I’m glad your DH is home and recovering now. Lovely way to spend the time you had there at the hospital tho in finishing the quilt.

  4. Glad to hear your husband is on the mend. Beautiful quilt and what a great way to pass hospital time! The quilt is stunning! Follow your site regularly! Stay safe

  5. Not a happy surprise! And his second visit is coming up before long. I’m glad you got him back home. Beautiful second quilt, bound and ready.

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