A Scrappy Boomerang

She sent me a scrap bag generated by two weeks of being a “quilting fool.” In it were some small jelly roll scraps.

I should have taken pictures of the process. I really will do that for one of these scrap adoption projects this year, but I tend to get excited and carried away and then forget to do that.

But let it be said that the scraps became this:

I sent a message to her to show what had happened to her scraps. She immediately suggested I give them back to her to make a matching quilt for the little sister of the larger quilt owner.

I didn’t have a specific purpose in mind for the project. It was just an idea, and I made it to see if it would really work.

SO, it is headed back her way. A scrappy boomerang.

ps–Each scrappy section is 11 jelly roll scraps cut to 2″ wide. The brown sashing started at 1″. The white background at 1-1/2″. It is currently about 23″ square.

5 thoughts on “A Scrappy Boomerang

  1. That’s too funny. Let it be known that when I send you scraps, they are to stay at YOUR house! LOL I generate more than I can ever use!

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