Covid Journey

Husband really wanted to see some of the grandchildren at Christmas. So, Number One Son, his wife and their two boys came over for a few hours. It was a delightful time.

Two days later, we all developed colds.

Three days after that, Daughter-In-Law let us know she had tested positive for Covid-19.

Ah, we don’t actually have colds.

Tests on the three of us all came back positive.

This was particularly scary because I am in a high-risk category due to lung damage from severe pneumonia 6-1/2 years ago.

But, thanks to good genetics, good luck and God’s blessings we have all come through in good order.

Daughter (at age 20) was expected to be fine, and has been, with very mild symptoms (mostly loss of smell/taste). Husband had mild symptoms (mostly congestion and a head ache). I had slightly less mild symptoms (cough, congestion, loss of smell/taste). BUT, we are all still breathing.

Daughter-in-Law was not so fortunate. She became seriously ill and was hospitalized for a time. She is home now and recovering, but it was not good. She is only 36.

Today (Monday, January 11) I am back at school with my much-missed students. I am moving a little slowly, but so grateful and glad to be here.

I did get a lot of sewing done. Between naps. And, I will have more to share soon.

18 thoughts on “Covid Journey

  1. Oh my goodness! That was super you conquered it in spite of your lung problem. Happy to hear your daughter-in-law has also beaten it. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get any long lasting after effects too. Best wishes to you all xx.

  2. Oh Wow! So glad to hear that you, and your family, are recovering! My 90 year old Dad is also high risk for a number of reasons, but he is also recovering. So blessed!

  3. Glad that you all got through it, but do take care and keep a close eye on how you feel. We found the energy level was the most difficult thing to recover. Take time to rest and try not to push it too hard.

  4. So sorry to hear you all got sick, but glad you are on the move back to health. It has been hard limiting travel & visits with family & friends.Best wishes & prayers for continued health.

  5. I’m sorry all of you got sick, but am thankful to read that y’all are recovering. Hope you’re all back to full health soon.

  6. Good to know you all survived and making recoveries. I had my 1st jab last Friday and 2nd due in 12 weeks. The UK is on full lockdown once again – hopefully the public injections will help us to recover. Stay safe and well 🙂

  7. So glad you and your family are recovering from this! Be easy on yourself and listen to your body. I’m confident you all will make it through. You are such an inspiration and blessing to many of us. Peace.

  8. I’m so grateful to the Lord that you all came through it fine, including your DIL, even if it was a rough experience for her. And glad I visited in November. =) I bet your students were happy to see you.

  9. So glad to hear you’re all recovering! I’ve had a few friends get it, and so far, everyone has come through it. I don’t go out much, but can’t wait to get the vaccination.

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