3 thoughts on “A Good Scrappy Start

  1. Hey Deanna, just wanted to share something I came across yesterday that just thrilled my quilters soul to no end. I found a square clear plastic locking container for large blocks & it was stuffed full of 7, 8 & 10 inch sqares I’d made way back, probaby 2010. Most were vibrant Christmas fabrics I’d been making stockings that year. I also made a jelly roll race out of a bunch 2 1/2 strips I’d cut myself. I didn’t like it as a single piece, so I cut it into 2 throw size blankets with white sashing around each square. that’s as far as I got with them. Yet more UFO’s. Think I’ll be getting to them soon With batting & backing. If I knew how to post pics, I’d send it to you to see. Might not be for another year or so with my track record. LOL But ateast I found those lost blocks. Just thrilled. Barbara

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