Finished Top: Crackle Candy

I am calling it Crackle Candy for now.

The top was made from a pile of miscellaneous scraps received in hand-me-down bags over several years. I was certain there was a quilt in there somewhere, but how to efficiently use so many different bits and pieces?

The answer was to incorporate a variety of block styles. There are six in all…can you find them?

HINT: One block only appears one time. I would change that if I did it again.

8 thoughts on “Finished Top: Crackle Candy

  1. You did a great job sprinkling the darks around the whole quilt! I think row 7 has one of each of the 6 different blocks.

  2. This is a great idea. I love scrappy quilts, but have not thought to use such a variety of blocks. It allows you to use different size pieces. Thanks.

  3. What fun to check out the different blocks and see how nicely you put them all together! Inspiring to all us scrap quilters! Is the 16 patch block the only one of its kind?

    1. There was 1 four patch the jumps out, but couldn’t sware to it.
      Several of us fans want an answer. LOL lots of fun hunting for it though. Spill the beans girlfriend. lol

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