Wedding Flowers

While the wedding will be very small, practically an elopement, Sparkle Jane really wants flowers.

She found these Sola Woods Flowers. They are made from something similar to tapioca and can be shaped and dyed to suit.

So she got together with her friend Erica and had a party.

Many different colors and shapes and she is looking forward to creating bouquets and boutineers soon.

Also, thank you to those who have already sent blocks for her wedding quilt. It will be a beautiful gift of love from the quilting world.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers

  1. Love the flowers! Hope to make and send a block once I’m back home in TX where the stash is. First week of March will still be ok right?

  2. Sorry to say this, but will have to bow out of making the quilt squares as planned. Daughter tested positive for Covid, she moved out, to protect myself & hubby & acquired daughter age 19. We’re making drop offs pretty much daily for anything she needs food & bottled water, so Iam cooking her favorite meals, taking them over & she gets them out of the hatch back & goes back inside. I wave to her through the window as she retreats back inside. At least she hasn’t had to go to the hospital.
    Hubby & I have tested negative twice, but going back for 3rd test in a few days.
    Acquired daughter is going to get tested too, hopefully she’s already done that atleast once if not twice. We’re not taking any chances. Thats why I don’t want to send any squares, my stash is in her room & it’s off limits to all of us, even had to block her dog from entering there, poor thing misses her so much, but I am his alternate playmate, and source of food & water & potty breaks in the backyard. He got whiped down with rubbing alcohol & dried off after she left the house. I know you understand . Pray y’all stay safe & healthy & the wedding goes well & the quilt. Barbara, Charlotte NC, PS, can’t wait to see all the pics of quilt & wedding. Sorry again, but I know you’d understand why I can’t participate. Don’t even want to imagine how much my water & electricity are going to go up when I can get back in that room. All her clothes, linens & my stash, heck it will take me a month to get it all done, going steady day & night, just hope the Lord blesses my washer & dryer not to break down, not to mention ironing
    all that stash. Atleast I can inventory it all, better get a new notebook for that . Bye & Best Wishes

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