Another Set Of Doll Dresses

It was a day off from school so I, naturally, went to school for a few hours to catch up, and there was snow (YAY!) to shovel, but there was also some sewing time. I had this lovely small piece of paisley lawn. I don’t know the manufacturer, but it begged to be doll dresses.

I used this TUTORIAL for the American Girl (18″ doll) dress, and THIS ONE for the smaller (14″) doll dress. The matching bandana idea came from HERE.

Doll sewing is a fun creative change of pace from quilting. Not something I want to do every day, but once a month? Sure!

6 thoughts on “Another Set Of Doll Dresses

  1. Adorable!! What do you do with them? Do you donate? I love making them but don’t have any little girls to share with.

  2. So sweet! I can tell you enjoy sewing for dolls. I admire anyone that has the patience for small work like that. I took a look at that pattern and it looks like something even I could do. I like the fact that the pattern designer uses this particular pattern when teaching children to sew.

  3. sweet. I was just thinking about our 4 american girl dolls resting comfortably upstairs in the cool bedroom, yes, in a box!!!! but they are all together so they are happy. I should make a pile of dresses. I used to make a lot of clothes, pants etc dainty blouses, for my daughters. Such beautiful dolls. We have the early ones made in Germany. Anyway, yes, dresses would be fun. I have some old high school thin cotton summer dresses of the girls that would make fabulous dresses. . Happy Sewing.

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