Hourglass Finish

There were SO MANY precut charm squares in the box. I don’t even remember where some of them came from. Like rabbits they seemed to multiply…

So, I divided.


Sort of a soft vintage-y look. Very scrappy, yet coordinated. Mostly. It could cover a twin size bed, or be a cuddle-with-company quilt. Snuggle time!

10 thoughts on “Hourglass Finish

  1. Looks like a great quilt to cuddle under! And what an interesting way to create the hourglass blocks. I’ve never done it that way before due to the outside biased edges. It looks like a faster way to make a bunch of blocks if you’re starting with 5″ squares, so I’ll have to try it out. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Today I tried the method shown in this post, and it works very well. I was wrong thinking it would end up with biased edges. The outside edges DO end up on straight of grain! And using my Clearly Perfect Angles seam guide, I don’t even have to mark the sewing lines. What a great time saver!

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