Ready To Camp: Sleeping Bags For Dolls

This month (I am boldly saying it will be a monthly event) the doll event is sleeping bags.

They are based on THIS TUTORIAL. I added a pillow and ribbons (which might be too long) for rolling and storage.

Being a grandma (known as Nana Deanna) is fun!

5 thoughts on “Ready To Camp: Sleeping Bags For Dolls

  1. Being a Gramma definitely is fun! And I’m off to make a batch of doll sleeping bags… sometimes I just need other sewing…since I’m into delightfully quilting, most every day…a small sleeping bag will be the ticket.
    Thanks for the many ideas. I’m almost done my version of “Growing Up Odd”. I need to think up a border since I’m making a twin size with 6 big blocks. I used my precaution 2 1/2” squares.

  2. Good morning! A monthly event?!! You might as well call it a monthly event of passing off a squirrel project. Holy moly – I truly need to make one of these STAT. My little two-year-old great-niece carries her baby around with her EVERYWHERE. I can totally see her carrying it around in a sleeping bag to keep it nice and warm (I call it “it” because I can’t quite determine the gender of “baby”). Fabulous idea and finish. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Those are great, and what fun to have such a monthly event! Longer ribbons would be easier for small hands to tie, I think.

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