3 thoughts on “Joyful Sabbath

  1. Thank you for this thought provoking message. I agree with Susan our hearts know when we hurt God by not observing his Holy day. One friend told me if I work on quilts for charity that this would be a suitable occupation in our spare time. I wonder?

  2. I think if you are doing something you truly “enjoy” and doing it as though “doing it unto the LORD” and “as a gift to HIM”, “to glorify HIM”, as an “ACT of WORSHIP”…you can do that thing…on the Sabbath. Even if it is dusting a shelf in your home….I LOVE TO CLEAN….but hate it when I have to stop what it is I am enjoying, to EAT A MEAL. Funny…so do I not eat on the Sabbath? No…I do both.
    Am I wrong then to eat? You tell me.

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