Slow Assembly

While it takes a long time to build the blocks for a quilt made out of 1-1/2″ squares, it also takes a long time to assemble those blocks.

There are 360 blocks. The final layout will finish at 80″ x 72″ and contain 5760 pieces. One. Block. At. A. Time.

13 thoughts on “Slow Assembly

  1. U r amazing…I tried to do one block….for your daughter….yuk yuk yuk….guess I will just admire your work…

  2. I have started a similar checkerboard quilt. Mine will take a lot longer than yours since I am doing it while making other quilts. Yours is gorgeous and looks like it is worth the effort.

  3. I love 9 patches right now. I am just finishing up my first irish chain quilt top. Happy Week-end Deanna🌼❤️

  4. So worth it. It looks beautiful! I’ve always thought about doing a postage stamp quilt, but haven’t. Maybe someday.

  5. I just started working on a 2.5-in checkerboard quilt that will be 2500 squares. It is daunting and time-consuming but at least it’s simple and looks awesome, right? I’m definitely intimidated by the thought of quilting it on my domestic… 😳 Good luck with yours!

  6. It does look magnificent, I’ve got to hand it to you. I am certain I would be making strip sets & a bunch of strip sets, all different colors & none hopefully wouldn’t end up beside itself. This one in the picture looks very well blended & balanced. Job well done. Like you stated, it does take time for the assembly. congrates, thus far you’re on target. That’s a big baby you’re working on. I am not jealous, just proud of your stamina & patience. God Bless you! Hopefully it’s for you to keep, or an immediate family member to cherish for years to come.

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