10 thoughts on “Covid Quilt Top Complete

  1. Is the setting on point? I love yours. I made one with every other square red. Those long strips and pinning and find out that I stitched a whole row wrong. I still can’t wait to make another one. I love those sewn 1 inch squares.

  2. Wow! I’m impressed! I can admire postage stamp quilts, but I will never have the patience to make one. My COVID quilt is 12″ blocks with houses and quilt blocks in it.

  3. It’s sooo soooo beautiful! I started mine back in June of 2011, and I’m nowhere near done yet! I actually thought I was further along than I am, even. But it’s only a leader/ender project, and my imagination always fools me into thinking I’ve done more than I have! You’ve inspired me to step it up a bit. What are you planning to bind it with?

  4. Wow. It looks fantastic. I am taking a basket of 2 & 2.5″ squares with me on vacation and thinking 9 patches. I think I will use some sashing because my brain doesn’t have that much patience!

  5. this quilt is incredible. I have such a hard time matching seams perfectly. I am just sloppy😂😂😂

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