The Covid Quilt Finished

In March of 2020 I started mindless piecing a leader-ender 16 patch using 1-1/2″ squares. The pieces became blocks and the blocks became piles.

The first week of April, those piles became a quilt.

A total of 360 blocks, or 5760 pieces.

The finish isn’t large, but I love it. It now occupies the bed in Sparkle Jane’s former room.

17 thoughts on “The Covid Quilt Finished

  1. That quilt is so pretty! I may have to start saving scraps to start one. But my squares will probably be two and a half inches.

  2. What a lovely looking quilt – well done on piecing all those little squares and not giving up haha

  3. Your dedication to the tiny pieces turned into an absolutely stunning quilt! Thank you for sharing your projects and for encouraging me to get at those “little piles” and turn them into completed projects. (I did a baby quilt this weekend…tried to insert a photo, but could not do it.)

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