What To Do?

Some time ago I was gifted a complete kit with pattern of the Safe Haven Quilt by Thimbleberries. It wasn’t exactly my typical style, but I thought it would do me good to use an actual pattern, different color scheme, larger size pieces and a little applique.

So I made the blocks. And enjoyed it.

But, then I really looked at the setting and discovered I didn’t like it. It isn’t so bad in the pattern, but I have seen pictures of finished quilts on beds, and it isn’t for me. At all. I am sure many people do like it very much. Maybe I have just gone as far out of my comfort zone as I can manage.

So, what to do?

15 thoughts on “What To Do?

  1. Yes, the color scheme is a bit somber but it was still good to push your boundaries. You could raffle it off for your favorite cause?

  2. I would suggest finishing the quilt and then gift it to someone. You just never know when you will have the opportunity pop up to bless someone with a quilt.

  3. Habitat for humanity or another noble organization would love it to offer for a raffle if not as a gift to fire victims needing a new roof over their heads.

    Your work is wonderful and you have a gift that you can share with the world, shine on!

  4. I see whar you mean. Not my style either. I think part of the problem is the placement of the blocks with only a small break in between and they’re all lined up. Maybe divide the blocks into 2 different quilts with some interesting other blocks to alternate with OR maybe 3 different table runners OR each block could be made into a placemat… looking forward to seeing what you decide…

  5. I see what you mean about the layout. I might consider sashing the blocks with a different color cornerstone? Might be a little better than the pattern layout.

  6. Since I love Thimbleberries patterns, I would suggest using a different/your own setting with perhaps a lighter sashing color and maybe even a few smaller blocks in lighter shades thrown in to lighten it up. You may find it becomes a likeable quilt after all, and if not, donate it. Funny that people gift projects they love but don’t know the preferences of the receiver. It happens. Make the most of it, and good for you for giving it a go!!! You are a star in my book. :o)

  7. I’d say you can come up with a better setting you like, so use them some other way. The blocks are pretty neat, and you’ll find a good setting.

  8. Put the blocks in a 3 x4 setting with a medium tone subtle sashing….brighter cornerstones in the sashing would perk up the overall look. Use the light floral as part of the backing. It will be a lovely quilt. Your work is very nice.

  9. I love just about anything Thimbleberries! I think it is beautiful and I think you should finish it because your work is beautiful and you will have finished something totally out of your comfort zone. I have had a few I just wanted to throw in the trash but finished because I wanted to do right by the designer!

  10. Finish it as per the “pattern” Or change the setting. Either way, you can donate it to someone or even donate it to your church or school for a fundraiser auction.

  11. The layout lacks any imagination at all. I don’t like it either. It’s kind of sad as it doesn’t do any justice to the blocks. Make your own layout. And it doesn’t have to be a quilt, think wall hanging, table runner, pillows. You put in the time and effort, make it your own.

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