Planting Time

While some of you are heading into Fall, and some are well into Summer, here in Northern Utah, United States, it is planting time.

My garden is located in the front of my house in the small strip of land between the sidewalk and the street known locally as the “mow strip.”

We didn’t want to mow ours, or waste water on the space when it wasn’t really used, so the garden ended up there.

I plant a wide variety of things, but only a little of each–with just two of us we don’t really need more.

Tomatoes, peppers, okra, beans, squash, peas, broccoli, kohlrabi, etc.

Nothing special really, but I enjoy the quiet time working on it and the fresh food that comes out of it.

3 thoughts on “Planting Time

  1. Greetings Deanna, I have been reading just never time to toss in a salutation. The quilt is coming along beautifully
    Your gardens are incredible. So this must be the best place for growing. I do not believe we are permitted to plant any sort of garden in our strip between the road and the sidewalk. …. people do plant bushes around their mail box which I think it scary for the delivery people with bugs and bees.
    Finally after 20+ years in this house I have the brilliant idea to make little chicken wire fences around my raised flower beds.
    The bunnies…. I love them, but, they nibble my stuff.
    So, I have about 4 little fenced in gardens that will be lush with zinnias and cosmos and zillions of other happy colors. we live on a corner lot and the neighbors love it, the bees do, the finches do.
    It has been very dry here in Northern Virginia. All of the soggy rain stays south of us as usual.Today I will set out the sprinklers to run all day.
    Enjoy this Thursday. Always a lot for me to do. duh, ohhh and I forgot to buy milk so I will have to zip to the store just one mile away, yes, I will drive, too many things to do, remember?
    Your gardens are going to be the envy of the neighborhood

  2. Okra! Oh, yum! I love okra and tomatoes, my mother’s cooking style. =) Your garden looks healthy and happy already!

  3. I plant a massive garden and can or freeze most of what I grow, but I plant my parkway “mow strip” with strawberries. They are pretty plants and the critters and birds like eating them. Wish I’d get to eat them too. I normally put out about 100 strawberry plants and never get enough to can.

    I wish you the best of luck with your garden and hope you planted enough for all the bunnies, deer, raccoons etc. that want to eat what you plant. I plant a lot hoping they leave enough for me.

    Happy gardening!

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