Hearts Desire(d) COMPLETE

Yes, people, we have a quilt. All. The. Way. Thanks to you.

Finished size is about 90″ x 93″.

Front and back, it is stitched with love.

I appreciate all the time and effort and general moral support that make this project possible. Every single block received is in the finished quilt. You made a lot of blocks!

The quilt will be delivered to Sparkle Jane and her fortunate husband as soon as we can get together (across complicated schedules and 500+ miles). I am not prepared to trust it to the mail right now.

ps–I recognize that these pictures aren’t the best, but you needed to see it sooner rather than after all spring weather challenges have passed.

pps–If you are interested in seeing how this group quilting project came together, search Hearts Desire(d) in the search bar in the upper right of this screen.

16 thoughts on “Hearts Desire(d) COMPLETE

  1. What a wonderful quilt! I love the way you used all the different sizes, and the little heart of 2 colors joined as one.

  2. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of a balloon festival with all the heart shaped “balloons” floating up into the air on their way to life’s journey. Thank-you for including so many people in this lovely gift.

  3. What a beautiful effort by so many who wish Mr. and Mrs. Sparkle well. Thanks for sharing the final.

  4. Love, love, LOVE every.single.thing about this quilt. It turned out fabulously. Sparkle Jane and her new hubby will certainly feel all the love and care that was stitched into it. You did a great job putting this difficult puzzle together. What an amazing effort! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Love the way you laid the blocks out… bet that took a while. It’s lovely. And made with love too… what’s not to like! Congratulations… to the bride and groom and the mom and dad of the bride!

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