Three At A Time

Sometimes people will ask how I get so much done. Until recently I would have answered that I just work on a quilt until it’s done.

But, as I have paid attention to the question and my work habits, it turns out that I almost never work on one quilt at a time. The truth is more like THREE (or–shhhh–even FOUR).

Each project is in a different phase, allowing me to work everyday on SOMETHING, depending on my mood.

Some cutting…

Some piecing…

Some binding…

Some dreaming.

Any progress is progress, right? And it adds up to a lot of quilts in the end.

3 thoughts on “Three At A Time

  1. Absolutely! I have similar habits. While sometimes that equates to many finishes for me, it can conversely mean when my sewing mojo vanishes there are zero finishes. HAHA! That box full of dreams looks fab. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I often have several going at once and try to do leaders/enders with them, but it slows down finishing. Then I have a bunch that need batting, backing, and quilting and THAT is not fun!

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