Potential Projects

A section of my shelving is devoted to Potential Projects. Most often these come as groups of scraps in hand-me-down bags, or even partially finished projects.

And I have a lot of them.

So many, in fact, that I am going to take one bag or pile each month and decide to either make it into a project, or put the fabric back into regular circulation, or even just get rid of it.

This is the first pile.

And this is the first idea of what to do with it. Hmm…should be interesting.

6 thoughts on “Potential Projects

    1. You could add extra of the biggest squares to make it wider, and then add more rows for additional length.

  1. Oh, boy, you got me on a squirrel trail looking at patterns. If I could make the one you showed a bit bigger, I could use it as a comfort quilt.

  2. Oooh, I need that pattern for working with some scraps that I’m planning to make memory quilts from. thanks for posting the pic.

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