Flight Quilt Top Finished

Some of all of those half square triangles are now in a finished top.

I found a great starting point HERE: Joannes Designs Week52 (all-about-quilts.com)

Obviously I changed the solid color squares to half-square triangle blocks. I also sized the blocks up to 8″ so the top finishes as a nice size throw (56″ x 72″).

It went together quickly. It is a little quirky with the very traditional color scheme and the wild layout, but I do like it. It would be a fun quilt to show off free motion quilting.

I hope to have a completed project soon. In the meantime, I am still plotting/pondering on what to do with the almost 500 half square triangles that remain…Someone put a lot of work into them. And I am grateful.

9 thoughts on “Flight Quilt Top Finished

  1. What a good way to use up those HSTs. But they’re not even close to being used up, are they?!? I know you’ll find a great way to use the remainders also.

  2. Just thinking about those 500 more HSTs, what if you used them for the background fabric of a second flight quilt? It could be a ‘negative’ version.

  3. Wow, that was fast piecing! It looks great, and it would never occur to me to think anything of mixing traditional colors and a wild layout. I think everything goes together. LOL

  4. Love the “every color is in” for this quilt. It is stunning, and quite happy to look at.

  5. For your left over hst’s…you might try this pattern:
    ‘Lady of the Lake’ It’s a very old design, but directions should be available somewhere! It uses at least 400 of your hst blocks.
    Someone gave me a box already made, as well. I do like your ‘Flight Quilt’.

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