Safe Haven Alternative Finish: Step Three

I settled on 2-1/2″ sashing between the blocks.

It gives definition and makes it a little wider. Of course, it also made the quilt longer.

Now to settle on border options that add more width than length, lest the quilt become a scarf for a giant. Right now it is 70″ wide x 94″ long/tall. Hmm…

5 thoughts on “Safe Haven Alternative Finish: Step Three

  1. Looks great! The separation allows each block to shine on its own while also making them feel connected .

  2. Love the sashing! I would go with a solid border. Maybe a grunge? It’s going to ve a family heirloom for sure. It’s really beautiful!

  3. Maybe something normally used in a strippie quilt? Matching on both sides? I like it so far, though!

  4. If you have the fabric you could consider making 4 more blocks to make it square. Then add your borders. It would make a beautiful queen/king size quilt.

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