Safe Haven Alternative Finish Celebration: GIVEAWAY!


Now that the Safe Haven top is complete, and I have fabric set aside for binding, I am ready to find a new home for the rest.

Leave a comment by the end of the day on Saturday, July 17, 2021 to enter for a chance to win a COMPLETE PATTERN SET and ALL THE FABRIC YOU SEE HERE. It isn’t enough the make the quilt, I’m sure, but it is a good start. You could easily add other Thimbleberries or Repro fabrics to complete the project.

I will notify and mail the prize off to the lucky winner early next week.


58 thoughts on “Safe Haven Alternative Finish Celebration: GIVEAWAY!

  1. I have enjoyed following your journey to complete the Safe Haven quilt. I too am a fan of rescuing unfinished projects and figuring out what the original maker had in mind. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Your finish turned out beautiful.

  2. I watch your post really close cause I am a person who loves making scrap quilts, and you have the best selection. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  3. Safe Haven is such a beautiful quilt. I used to have a couple of Thimbleberries books but I’m not sure where they went. I’ve always wanted to make a village type quilt with different houses, a church and barn. I tried searching for that pattern but it seems to be hard to find. Yours is very beautiful and I love the colors. Thank you for the chance to win the pattern.

  4. Scrappy quilts are great donation quilts too. You come up with some great scrappiness!

  5. Love the pattern and the quilt you created with the scraps..Scrap quilts are my favoriate type of quilts and thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  6. I love all things Thimble berries! You stayed with it to finish the quilt and the scrap lines fits it perfectly!

  7. I have several pieces of Thimbleberries in my “collection”, and was a member of Thimbleberries club for a time. I still enjoy the nature colors for trees etc. good job completing this quilt!

  8. oh my! that is just such a wonderful pattern and so much fabric! Someone is going to be very busy and very happy very soon!

  9. I have enjoyed your progress on making this top congratulations on near completion.

  10. You are generous with your time and talents and provide all quilters with wonderful ideas for using our scraps. I have made a few of your quilts and am now starting on baby quilts for our local NICU. I love all Thimbleberries and I just happen to have a few Thimbleberries scraps from other quilts I have made.

  11. Thimbleberry designs are among the best! So are scrappy quilts and projects…at the top of my choices as I love digging through so many delicious fabrics to coordinate colors and patterns. duchick at gmail dot com

  12. I love all of you scrappy quilt ideas! I have made 2 Film at Five quilts. I am currently using Calico Rose as a leader/ender project. You are such an inspiration and I look forward to your blog posts.

  13. Love your setting on this. Would be fun to use the Thimbleberries in something else, and reimagine these blocks in some brighter colors.

  14. Thank you for the generous opportunity to win the fabric and pattern. So typically you!

  15. I’ve always had a thing for house quilts, and I’m loving this one! Love the colors too.

  16. I loved watching your “Safe Haven” quilt develop, and reach the finish line. You are so good at the finish part! I will paste pix of your recent finished quilts up by my sewing machine as a good stimulus to finish!

  17. What a beautiful quilt! I do love house quilts, the colors are very nice…thank you for the chance at the giveaway. 🙂

  18. It is so much fun watching you put things together. You have such a great imagination.
    Good luck to all who enter and congratulations to the winner.

  19. I would love to make this quilt with friends for our annual school auction. Have many fabrics in my stash that would work well with this great start.

  20. I have that pattern too and it is on my wanna do list. I also have a lot of that same fabric. Beautiful work! I will pass and let someone else have my chance!

  21. I have loved watching your progress on the Safe Havens quilt. I love you setting and border ideas and the completed project is beautiful! Congratulations!!

  22. I’ve always wanted to make a house quilt ❤
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Stay safe and healthy, Sylvia

  23. Deanna, your quilts are always beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity. 💗💗💗

  24. I love scrap quilts and I enjoyed watching your Safe Haven progress. Your quilt is beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway!

  25. If you listen closely, you may hear the Thimbleberries leftovers in my stash begging to be paired up with your fabric to become part of Safe Haven! And the cupboard door is closed and they are being extremely loud. Would be a fun project I would love to make! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  26. Safe Haven has been a fun project to watch progress. Love it and the fabrics. What a sweet giveaway. I love Thimbleberry Quilts patterns and fabrics.

  27. Your quilt looks so beautiful. I love the way you finished it. I enjoyed watching you get to the finish line.
    Thank you for your very generous giveaway. Your scraps would be awesome to work with. Scrap quilts are my favorite.

  28. It’s a beautiful quilt and great way to use scraps. Thank you for such a generous giveaway. Have a great weekend!

  29. Your quilt is lovely! Thimbleberries fabrics are so nice. Those fabrics would go well with my TB scraps to finish a nice size charity quilt. 🙂 Thanks for offering a give away! Someone will be blessed from your generosity!

  30. Congratulations on finishing the beautiful quilt top. You are very generous to share the pattern and your remaining fabric.

  31. Beautiful finish. I bought a package of used Thimbleberries years ago, would have to go find to remember the name, it was long ago, but I did make it up and have a beautiful quilt. Their patterns are wonderful.

  32. I’ve watched the progress on these and really like the finished quilt! I have some old Thimbleberries books I need to look at again. This is a generous give-away. Thanks for the chance!

    1. You are so generous to give away the pattern and leftover fabric. Thank you for offering. I would love to give it a home!

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