Visible Progress

With four quilts active and all more or less in the same piece-till-doomsday phase, it was encouraging to push one forward a complete step.

With only 8 blocks to do, it became my main project for the weekend, and I informed Husband there would be extra sewing time (He is such a good sport).

The blocks were not only finished, but started layout.

And decided on one I am happy with. A few more adjustments and I hope to have a finished top to share by the end of the week.

PS–Here is the link to the tutorial:

8 thoughts on “Visible Progress

  1. That’s an interesting block. I don’t recall seeing it before. Did you make it up, or is it a pattern I could find somewhere?

  2. Good job….I’m working on a quilt that is a whole lot of cutting. I’m hoping to get the pieces together by the weekend, then a whole lot more cutting…sometimes I wonder what I get myself into…LOL

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