Two And Four Quiltalong: Fence Rail

How are your 4-patches coming? I hope very well. They are both endlessly interesting and a little mindless. Just chain piecing along…

This week we go to work on the rectangles. Make two piles–all the colored ones and all the backgrounds.

Piece one of each together. Repeat 160 times. Press towards the colored rectangle.

TIP: In case you didn’t know, pressing the seam flat, then pressing it open, helps prevent distortion. If you have noticed that your seams are a little wavy when you just open them up and press down, try this. It helps.

It is such a satisfying pile once you are finished.

Be sure to visit Katy and see how hers is coming along.

And feel free, too, to share our badge, created by a lovely person stitching along with us.

Join us again next week for the next step. And, feel free to ask questions. I’m right here.

5 thoughts on “Two And Four Quiltalong: Fence Rail

  1. Hi Deanna! I’m a little late to the party but ready to start cutting. Just an FYI – it takes 22 FQ pieces to make a 60×80 quilt. How do I know – we did the math!! Of course, I have a 20 piece bundle so I’m going to supplement it from stash, and will start cutting right away. Such a fun QAL. My favorite sentence is “repeat 160 times”. HAHA! I love your fabrics. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I didn’t start when this project began, but felt inclined to do so today after looking at the pics of your stack of finished pieces, made me regret not starting when it was 1st posted, so now I need to play a serious catch up gain. Lucky I am retired & can devote myself to the “catch up”. I had deleted previous emails about this project, so I need the measurements, will you please provide these at your earliest convenience. I’ll be waiting with itchy fingers. Thank so much in advance for your assistance. Sincerely, Barbara Black, Charlotte NC

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