Two And Four Quiltalong: Top Assembly

Time to stitch all those strips into a top. So exciting!

I like to lay things out and consider my options.

This quilt has many prints and colors and it is probable that it will never be perfect, but I try to avoid color blobs.

When stitching long, pieced strips I don’t find it necessary to pin. Just stitch seam to seam, taking a moment to match them up.

The results will be beautiful in the end.

I love it when it all comes together.

Make sure to visit Katy and see how her version using larger pieces turned out.

And come back on October 12 to share and see finished tops from everyone.

6 thoughts on “Two And Four Quiltalong: Top Assembly

  1. Thank you for sharing this mystery quilt I really enjoyed doing it I’m not a great sewing but I sure had fun thank you

  2. Good morning! Time to sew everything together for a quilt top already! Your version turned out beautifully. I am definitely a wee bit behind but I will certainly enjoy seeing everyone’s version on the 12th. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love how yours turn out! It’s so pretty. I’m going to make one too but I’m visiting my daughter so I have to wait until I go home. I’ve just started following you recently but I enjoy your blog. I have followed Katy for a long time. I’m so glad you both made these quilts. Hugs,

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