North Star State Top COMPLETE

There were days I thought it would never end. When I saw Pat Speth’s North Star State Quiltalong I immediately knew I wanted to stitch along. But I also knew that the small scraps of 1930s repro (and some original) fabric that I had on hand would mean making the pieces smaller…much smaller. Yep, that star is 3″.

But, off I went, sure it was all going to be ok.

As I stitched, my ambitions had to be adjusted. NO, I wasn’t going to make a queen size quilt. Not even with borders. I finally decided that enough was enough and finished a throw quilt. It has 56 blocks, 97 setting blocks and 42 star cornerstone blocks, and it is only 60″ x 69″.

But, it is complete.

Hopefully quilted soon and a truly finished quilt.

I do still recommend the pattern, but maybe have the good judgement to follow Pat’s original recipe.

10 thoughts on “North Star State Top COMPLETE

  1. Good morning! What a beautiful quilt top. I’m not a huge fan, usually, of 30s fabrics but these seem to be just the perfect choice for this pattern. I love everything about it. Nice job! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I just love this quilt top you have created. I am looking for retro fabric of the 40’s to finish a quilt that my grandmother started for my Dad when he has young. The top is finished so all that is left is the backing, binding, and quilting. I wanted the backing to be of this time period as well. I looked on Etsy where this lady sells actual fabric from that time period but its very expensive and usually can’t find the yardage I need. So I guess what I’m asking is what quilt shops sell reproductions of retro fabric from that time period?
    Thank you and again your quilt top is just lovely.

  3. And it is truly lovely. I did the QAL, too, and just made regular size but kept it to lap-size, great, fun project.

  4. I’m making this also, but I chose her alternate with blues, reds, and yellow stars and my fabric selection is too dark. I may just stop where I am now and call it a top for future quilting. And I may donate it. I do like your 30s though; it fits the pattern nicely.

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