GIVEAWAY: String Quilt Supplies


I have a large tub (probably will fit in a size Large Priority Mail Box) of strings. Most are between 1″ and 2″ wide.

Would you like them? I’ll box them up and send them your way. US Postage included.

I have made a number of string quilts and really enjoy them. But, I have more than enough and would like to share.

The giveaway runs through Thursday, October 7. Winner notified and announced here on Friday, October 8.

52 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: String Quilt Supplies

  1. Those scraps look lovely! Count me in! Been wanting to do a scrapvortex or string quilt for awhile now!

  2. Oohhh….strings are my favorite way to make charity quilts. I love seeing the colors come together and every quilt has your favorite color in it.

  3. would love to use these for charity quilts – I enjoy the process and knowing I am doing something good for someone else.

  4. Would love to have these. Working on wonky log cabin blocks and these would be a nice addition.

  5. I actually just started a string quilt last week so I’d love to be in the drawing for this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love making string quilts. I use muslin as the foundation and find it is a very relaxing, no brains involved kind of sewing. Most of my quilt tops are passed along to various charities to finish and donate. There are so many different ways you can use string blocks.

  7. Thank you for sharing your string treasures. I have been saving to make another string quilt so please add me to the drawing.

  8. Perfect! I have a box with a few blocks, lots of strips and backing, but have been holding back till I had more variety. I’m excited for whoever wins. Great boost to creativity

  9. Would love some strings. Right now I have very few and I am itching to do string piecing!

  10. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.Love your site using up all the scraps to make many beautiful quilts

  11. String quilts are wonderful for donation quilts and are so fun to make. Thank you for offering you extra pieces so generously!

  12. I have wanted to make a string quilt for quite a while so would love to give your strings a new home.

  13. How much fun would be too win a box of strings to add variety to Ines own strings. Keeping fingers crossed.

  14. It would be fun to add someone else’s strings to my bin for more variety. Do love making this type of quilt.

  15. I love your page and would love these to create happy quilts for community service 😊
    Jeanne in Florida

  16. I have a few friends that use strings to make charity quilts. They would love to have them.

  17. I would be delighted to receive a fresh supply of “strings”. String quilts are my current quilt passion and a new supply of strips would be put to good use.


    Susan Sjostrom

  18. Yes! Please add my name to the hat to win! I love strings to make quilted hearts for the I Found A Quilted Heart Project. I decorate each one to be unique with beads, ribbons and buttons to spread love and kindness in this crazy world.

  19. I’m going to be teaching a string quilting class at our guild and it would be great to get some different strings!

  20. I am all about fabric all the time! 🙂 Please include me in your drawing as well.
    Take care and God Bless,

  21. I have big plans to make many quilts for the beds in our newly purchased cottage. I would love to include some string quilts.

  22. I would love your gorgeous strings but I live in England 😦 Thanks for willing to share anyway 🙂

  23. I love string quilting. I can just imagine what future generations will think about all of the string quilts I have made? Probably that I was to poor to make coordinated patterns. Not the truth! I just am addicted to scrappy strings!!!

  24. I’ve seen such beautiful string quilts out in blogland but as of now haven’t made one. To be honest I’ve never had any strings mostly chunks of fabric, in all my quilting years. Your giveaway is very generous, thanks for giving us all ideas to put on our lists of quilts we’d like to make.

  25. I would love to have your ‘extra’ strings. They can make so many different designs in quilts. I love the ‘use it up’ method. Thanks for the opportunity.

  26. Thank you for the opportunity. What a great quilt for our local volunteer fire department fund raiser.

  27. I love to have your strings. I just donated all my strings to my friend who has started a quilting class at her church. The ladies are making string quilts for donation. After I gave my friend my strings, my 16 year old niece asked me to teach her to quilt. Since my niece hasn’t sewn before, I thought a string quilt would be the perfect way to start her off. Please add my name to the drawing.

  28. Sounds like some fun scrappy quilt opportunities for the winner of those strings! The more the merrier when your making string quilts.

  29. I would love your strings! This year has been my year for string quilts as I felt I finally had accumulated enough strings. Would love to add some variety to what I have collected. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I love string quilts. They are fun to make, creative in how they are put together, inexpensive to make because they are made from fabric that is often discarded, easy to quilt on a domestic sewing machine, and invoke nothing but memories. Pieces of fabric, no matter how small invoke memories. They are perfect for donations. Thank you so much for sharing!

  31. Thank you so much for being willing to mail your strings. I would be so grateful to receive them! I have made a string quilt & found it so fun!

  32. I’ve not made a string quilt yet. I don’t have any strings. Where do you guys get all those strings to make so many quilts? Do they really reproduce during the night? Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. I am interested in your strings….I just finished my last string quilt…. it will be donated to Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery in Spokane WA. 30 years ago a little girl was beaten to death, because her parents just couldn’t take it anymore… the community rallied, and raised money, purchased a home, and started a 72 hr drop in center for parents to just take a few days and get their act together….It has had a huge impact on our community. A couple years ago, the CEO came to our guild and spoke. He told us how he has some ‘former clients’ (as college age) come back during school breaks and volunteer, and talk about taking the quilt that they were rocked with at the center, and taking it to college with them. It really touched my heart. So I make as much as I can for them.



  34. Thanks DeAnna, but I have more than I can use up before I pass away. You are so generous, I emailed you a few years back to get the price of those Crayola color fat quarters, so you could get me some too. But instead you paid for them & told me to forget paying for them. We’ve never met, but I had been a fan of your quilting pictures for sometime before then, still am. Your generosity floored me, we could pass on the street & not recognize one another. I don’t post stuff on the internet, as I consider myself as ” technically challenged”. Drives my hubby, daughter, & son a bit crazy. I even have difficulty with my new 5G phone the hubby made me give up my old flip phone, I guess he & our daughter are embarrassed/annoyed by my lack of interest in modern technology, I do resist it a good bit, just don’t like it. I want stuff simply & easy, like quilting, simple, straight forward, & practical. I am 70 now & come Halloween, I’ll be 71. But I love the quilt projects you do, & I know if we ever met, we’d go to lunch & I would not let you pay, or even leave the tip, enjoy a cup of hot tea (my preference) & whatever is your favorite, we would be good girlfriends for life. You’d love my best girlfriend too, even though she is not a sewer, at all. The three of us would have a blast together, laughing at everything & shopping, always looking for the bargains @ inexpensive stores & fabric, always good quality. Let me shut up now, Dear. Take care of yourself & family, you are a gifted daughter of God to spread love to all. I have been blessed by you. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Barbara Black. Charlotte, NC

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